Call For a Joint Venture Plan of the Research Customer Service
Dear Sir, We are pleased to invite your company, considering its extensive experience, achievements and high technological standards to take part in a joint venture plan of the research customer service with Shiraz University. We are among the major universities of Iran and serving as a hub of the biggest University in the southern parts of Iran and responsible to provide different research facilities and services to the plenty of other universities and research institutes in the neighborhood provinces. Moreover, our university is the leader in scientific research in South Iran and has extended research and educational collaboration in this region. All the services will cost reasonable fees which your company can share with our university under a clear business plan. We are able to provide your company standard physical laboratories/office in our university which can also serve as your regional representative in the middle east and a base for training of your future customers in this region. Your company will also benefit of the active participation of our well-educated technicians. Also, we will send you a business plan for each instrument that you may wish to bring here. We are confident you will find this proposal worth considering and that we will be able to expand your customer base. We will be happy to receive your suggestions and provide further information to clarify the opportunities available at our institution. Yours sincerely, Reza Yousefi, PhD Head of Central Laboratory of Shiraz University Phone: +987136137182 Fax: +987136460943